Faculty and Staff Directory

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Canon Headmaster  

Michael Ferreboeuf
MA, University of San Francisco               
BA, University of California, Berkeley
Appointed 1999
Head of Upper School

Markus Hunt
M.Ed., Harvard University
BA, Howard University
Appointed 2007
Head of Lower School

Paul Bertrand
BA, University of Colorado
Appointed 2006

The Rev. Mehrdad Abidari
M.Div., General Theological Seminary, NY
BSFS, Georgetown University
Appointed 2005
Director of Athletics

Aaron Mullen
BS, San Francisco State University
Appointed 2002
Lower School Physical Education          

Cesar Martinez
Appointed 2012

Director of Technology

Frank Torrano
BA, San Francisco State University
Teaching Credential, SFSU
Appointed 2007

Tom Rankin
MAT, University of San Francisco
BA, Ohio University
Appointed 2010

Helen Huber
MA, University of Houston
BA, Michigan State University
Appointed 2001
Library Assistant

Harrison Wilkes
BA, University of Redlands
Appointed 2009
Art, Upper School

Patricia O'Connor
MA, San Francisco State University
BA, University of California, Davis
Cert. in Educational Therapy, UCSC
Ryan Act Lifetime Teaching Credential, K-12, SFSU
Appointed 1989
Art, Lower School

Sheila Ghidini
MFA, University of California, Berkeley
BFA, University of Hartford
Appointed 1996

Sean Breen
M.Ed., Harvard University
BA, Frostburg State College
MMed, Holy Names University
Appointed 1984
Susan Sonnemaker
BM, University of Nevada, Reno
MM, California State University, Los Angeles
Appointed 2013
Band & Instrumental Music

Bonnie Fraenza
BA, Rowan University
Appointed 1998

Kate Juergens
BA, Bucknell University
Teaching Credential, SFSU
Appointed 2006
Kindergarten Assistant

Dana Marini
Appointed 2012
1st Grade

Tracy Murray
MA, Fairfield University
BA, Stonehill College
Appointed 2009
1st Grade Assistant

Sabrina Sajous
BFA, Tufts University/The School of the Museum of Fine Arts
M.Ed, Lesley University
Appointed 2013
2nd Grade

Margaret O'Brien
M.Ed, San Francisco State University
BA, Marquette University
Teaching Credential, University of San Francisco
CLAD , Stanford University
Educational Admin./Admin. Services Credential, San Francisco State University
Appointed 2011
2nd Grade Assistant

Seth Shapiro
Appointed 2010
3rd Grade

Rob Kerman
MA, San Francisco State University
BA, Concordia University, River Forest
Appointed 1988
3rd Grade Assistant
Amy Norman
MA TESL, University of San Francisco
BA, University of Massachusetts
Appointed 2008
4th Grade

John Taylor
BS, BA University of Wisconsin, Madison
Appointed 2005
4th Grade Brenda Hayden
M.Ed/Montessori, Notre Dame de Namur
BA, Texas Tech University
Appointed 2001
4th Grade Assistant Evan Jackson
Appointed 2011
4th Grade Assistant
Dana LoVecchio
BA, California State University, East Bay
Appointed 2013
Lower School Science

Chloe Banks
BA, Ohio Wesleyan University
Appointed 2008
5th & 6th Humanities

Michael Vietmeier
BA, California State University, Chico
Appointed 2004
5th & 6th Science

Jimmy Santosa
BSE, MSE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Teaching Credential, SFSU
Appointed 2012
5th & 6th Humanities

Kathryn Williams
BSEE, University of Illinois
Teaching Credential, CSEB
Appointed 2012
5th & 6th Math

Judy Hilbrich Sheppard
MBA, University of Notre Dame
BS, Ball State University
Appointed 2009

Sarah Roggero
MA, University of Texas, Austin
BA, Stanford University
Appointed 2009
7th & 8th Math

Mose Williams
BA, The Evergreen State College
MA, City University of Seattle
Appointed 2013
7th & 8th Humanities

Peter Mundy
BA, University of California, Berkeley
Appointed 1997
7th & 8th Science
Sarah Murphy
MA, University of California, Berkeley
BA, University of California, Santa Barbara
Appointed 2000
7th & 8th Humanities

Jessie Jackson
BA, Cornell University
Teaching Credential, San Francisco State University
Appointed 2010
Mandarin Isaac Chou
Appointed 2012
Canon Director of Music
Grace Cathedral
Ben Bachmann


John Piazza
BA, MA, San Francisco State University
Teaching Credential, Dominican University of CA
Appointed 2010
Lower School Learning Specialist

Jennifer Katz
M.Ed./Ed. Therapy Certificate, Holy Names University
BA, Dominican University
Appointed 2011
Upper School Learning Specialist

Jackie Munz
M.Ed., Holy Names University
BA, University of Michigan
Appointed 2010
Reading Specialist
Courtney Graham
MS, California State University, Fullerton
BA, University of Arizona
Appointed 2007
High School Counselor
Dirk Tacke
BA, Hamilton College
Appointed 1980
School Counselor

Joanne Cohen
BA, University of the Pacific
Appointed 2010
Extended Day Director

Elias Rodriguez
BS, University of Maryland
Appointed 2002
Extended Day Teacher
Eric Von Euw
Appointed 2012
Business Manager

Pierre Jospe

Director of Admission

Cathy Madison
M.Ed., University of San Francisco
BA, Amherst College
Appointed 2005
Director of Development

James Schmidt
BA, University of Pittsburgh
Appointed 2005
Associate Director of Development

Mary Bishop
Appointed 2005
Alumni Program Coordinator

Deborah Rockwood
BFA, California College of the Arts
Appointed 2004
Administrative Secretary/Registrar

Jackie Jung
BA, UC Berkeley
Appointed 1993
Admission & Business Office Administrator

Sylvia Chow
BA, San Francisco State University
Appointed 1999
Communications Manager Megan Brown
BA, Rhodes College
Appointed 2013