Parents Association

The involvement of  families is essential to the success of the Cathedral School for Boys. Every parent with a boy enrolled at the school automatically becomes a member of the Parents Association. This Association, through its elected Executive Committee, works closely with the Board of Trustees and the administration to support the school. The Association provides a means of communication and contact between the school and its families, it contributes to the school operations through various fundraising activities, and it supplies essential volunteer support for many activities including the library, hospitality, daily hot lunch program, and Grandparents/Special Friends Day.

The Executive Committee of the Parents Association meets monthly throughout the school year. In September there is a PA Fair on the first day of school to introduce committee chairs and recruit volunteers, to announce plans for the year, and to conduct any needed business. An annual meeting is held in May to elect officers for the following year, to announce the results of the fundraising activities and to vote on designated gifts to the school if the Association's fundraising goals have otherwise been met.

The fundraising function of the Parents Association is vital to CSB's operations and benefits every boy by supporting programs and teachers and contributing to the community which makes CSB the special place that it is.