List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • How old does my son need to be to enter kindergarten at Cathedral?

    Your son must be five years old by July 15 of the school year that he will be entering Kindergarten. For example, a boy entering Kindergarten in September 2019 would need to be five by July 15, 2019.
  • What are Cathedral's primary entry points?

    Our primary entry points are kindergarten and fifth grade. Each year we have 24 kindergarten openings and approximately 12 openings in fifth grade. We often have a couple of spots in the sixth grade, too.
  • Does Cathedral accept students in other Lower School grades besides kindergarten?

    Yes. As with any metropolitan area, families move for both personal and business reasons, so there is some attrition at Cathedral. To find out if there are available spots, or to be placed in our wait pool, please contact Tara Boland, Director of Admission.
  • I have heard that Cathedral expands in the Upper School. Is this true?

    Yes, Cathedral expands in the Upper School, when we add an addition twelve students to the fifth grade class. We sometimes intentionally leave a couple of spots in the sixth grade as well.
  • How much is Cathedral's tuition?

    Tuition has been set for the 2018-19 school year at $32,600 for kindergarten through eighth grade. Tuition at Cathedral is all-inclusive and includes healthy hot lunches daily as well as books, technology expenses, athletics, and outdoor education programs. Tuition for the 2019-20 school year will be set in spring 2019.
  • How do families afford Cathedral?

    All families at Cathedral pay tuition. The School has an Adjustable Tuition program which ensures that the unique Cathedral experience remains accessible to a broad range of families. Families who qualify for Adjustable Tuition pay tuition based upon their individual economic circumstances.
  • Can tuition be paid in installments?

    The following payment plans exist for tuition:
    • Single Payment Plan: Remaining tuition balance after deposit is made in one payment.
    • Deferred Payment Plan (1): This plan allows for tuition payment in two installments. The first installment is 65% of the total tuition. The non-refundable deposit, which all applicants submit along with their contract, is applied to the remaining 35%.
    • Deferred Payment Plan (2): This plan allows for tuition payment in 12 monthly installments. It does include a finance charge at the annual rate of 10% on the balance financed over the 12 months. The non-refundable deposit is deducted from tuition before calculating monthly installments. Participants in this plan must purchase Tuition Refund Insurance coverage.
    The firstl tuition payment for incoming families is due on July 15. A direct deposit payment plan is available.
  • Does Cathedral offer before- and after-school care?

    Yes. In addition to before- and after-school care, Cathedral also offers enrichment classes and sports after school. Examples of these activities include cooking, chess, coding, and movie-making classes among others. Read more about CSB's Extended Day and Afterschool Enrichment Programs.
  • Does Cathedral offer a hot lunch?

    Yes, Cathedral offers a delicious and nutritious morning snack and hot lunch to every student. This is included in the cost of tuition.

    Hot lunch choices include a meat or vegetarian entree, a meat or vegetarian soup, an expansive salad bar, and a sandwich bar with a wide variety of add-ons. In addition, 2 percent milk is available. Our chefs ensure that students with food allergies, food intolerances, and religious dietary restrictions receive a nutritious and tasty meal. Cathedral is a nut-free campus.

  • Does my family need to be Episcopalian to apply?

    No. Cathedral welcomes and values all faith traditions and embraces the rich tapestry created by our families' diverse spiritual lives. Cathedral students learn about all of the major religions of the world and are encouraged to understand, value, and respect all faiths. Throughout the Upper School students take a class in world religions, philosphy, and ethics.
  • Is multiculturalism valued at Cathedral?

    Yes. We value the wide range of religious, cultural, family, and racial backgrounds of our students, as well as the varied interests that they choose to pursue. Students of color make up 37 percent of our student body. This figure does not include additional cultural, religious, and socioeconomic diversity or differing family structures. We believe that diversity enriches the lives of each member of our community. Read more about our commitment to diversity.
  • What is the student/teacher ratio?

    In the Lower School, the student/teacher ratio is 1/9, and in Upper School it is 1/15.
  • Does Cathedral have sports teams?

    Cathedral's competitive school-sponsored teams begin in fifth grade. We have a no-cut policy. There are multiple official Upper School teams per sport based on experience and skill. Each and every team has its own possible championship. School sports include soccer, cross country, golf, basketball, volleyball, and baseball.

    Lower School students can participate in unofficial Cathedral teams, coordinated by school parents, with their classmates. The teams play in local youth leagues such as Microsoccer, the JCC, YMCA, and Little League. 
  • Which schools do Cathedral graduates attend?

    Our graduates go on to attend a wide range of high schools in the Bay Area as well as boarding schools throughout the country. Click here to learn more about High School Counseling and to see a list of schools where recent graduates of Cathedral have matriculated.
  • How do I reserve a spot on a school tour?

    School tours are held during the fall from September through January. 

    After you have completed an Inquiry Form you will be sent a username and password, which will allow you to register for a tour.

    When signing up for a tour, please be sure to include the number of guests who will be attending. Please let us know if you are hearing imparied, need a translator or will need access to an elevator, so we can best support you during your tour.  A confirmation email will be sent once you have submitted a tour request online.

    Our tour requires a lot of walking, and climbing stairs, so we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes.
  • When and how do I schedule a parent interview?

    Once you have submitted an application, you will be emailed a link to our interview scheduler. Please use the link to make an appointment with Director of Admission. For out of town families we offer a Skype option.

    If your son is applying for first through eighth grades, parent interviews are completed in person on the day of your son's visit to CSB.
  • Who shall I contact with additional admission questions?

    Please contact Ayumi Sohn with additional questions at or  415-614-5183

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