Cathedral’s San Francisco Food Bank Drive Continues Through April 12

Families are encouraged to place non-perishable food items in either the Jones Street entrance bin or Sacramento Street lobby area bin.
Food drives such as the Cathedral drive provide a small percentage of the total food donated to the Bank, but they are still important drives due to the variety and high-quality of food items that are donated. The most valued donations are high-quality protein, such as canned fish and meat. Monetary donations are also useful to the Food Bank, as it can purchase $5 worth of food with every $1 donated.
From a green and health perspective, an excellent food donation choice is canned pink salmon (especially those packed with the fish’s bones and skin). Pink salmon is considered a "heart healthy" food, as it contains high levels of calcium and omega-3 fish oil. Pink salmon have a shorter lifespan, thus a lower potential contaminant accumulation versus longer-lived fish such as King and Sockeye (red) salmon and tuna (often containing naturally occurring ocean mercury). Pink salmon is also well-managed and well-regulated by the U.S. fishery.  Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Target all have fair prices on large cans of pink salmon. 
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