Peace, Love, and Joy!

Headmaster Jones
A holiday message from Burns Jones.

Dear Cathedral School Parents:
In all honesty, I have very little memory of what I gifted or received last Christmas. While history and tradition would indicate that Elizabeth and I did purchase gifts for the boys, I would be hard-pressed to tell you what those gifts were. I suspect that our sons have little recollection, either.
What I do remember, though, are the experiences. I remember Lessons & Carols (our last community gathering of the calendar year). I remember spending time with friends in those blissfully peaceful days at the beginning of the break. I remember the tranquility of our family together on Christmas morning. I remember the privilege of time off. Similarly, my childhood memories of Christmas have nothing to do with what I received, and everything to do with what our family did together.
As the increasing barrage of Amazon deliveries, alas, herald the arrival of the holidays, I trust that we all will appreciate our time together with family and friends, and strive to make a place for peace, love, joy, and humility in our lives.
Very truly yours,
Burns Jones

Cathedral School for Boys

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