The positive, healthy, and enduring relationships that exist between Cathedral School staff members and students represent one of the hallmarks of our educational approach. We want to make you aware of the School’s policies regarding those relationships.
Student Relations
Cathedral School encourages healthy relationships between staff and students. At the same time, it is important that each staff member’s conduct remains professional at all times. Thus, staff members must maintain appropriate boundaries between themselves and students to ensure that they avoid even the perception of inappropriate conduct. While some interactions may seem innocent from a staff member’s perspective, they can be perceived or even misperceived as flirtation or sexual insinuation from the perspective of a student or parent. The objective of this policy is not to constrain the development of positive relationships between staff and students, but rather to prevent relationships that could lead to, or may be perceived as, misconduct. Staff members must ensure that they do not cross the boundaries of a professional staff/student relationship.
Unacceptable Behavior
Below is a list of examples of conduct that may involve inappropriate behavior within a professional staff/student relationship:

  • Giving gifts to a student that are of a personal or intimate nature;
  • Unnecessary physical contact with a student in either a public or private situation;
  • Intentionally being alone with a student, whether on campus or away from the School, without a parent’s or supervisor’s knowledge or permission;
  • Making or participating in sexually inappropriate comments;
  • Sexual jokes or stories, or jokes or comments with sexual innuendo;
  • Seeking emotional involvement with a student for an employee’s benefit;
  • Discussing an employee’s own personal troubles or intimate issues with a student;
  • Becoming involved with a student so that a reasonable person may suspect inappropriate behavior;
  • Inappropriate use of social media with or about students;
  • Excessive attention toward a particular student;
  • Texting with students;
  • Using personal e-mail or social media to communicate with students rather than using school e-mail;
  • Sending communications to students of a personal nature if the content is not about school activities;
  • Failing to keep the appropriate administrator or counselor informed when a significant issue develops about a student;
  • Swearing or using inappropriate language in the presence of students.

Outside Employment by Current Cathedral School Families
To avoid any actual or perceived of conflicts of interest, teachers should not work outside of the School’s program with families of students without receiving permission from their Division Director or the Headmaster. Similarly, Cathedral School staff members should not engage in any business relationship, including tutoring for pay or babysitting-type arrangements, with a current Cathedral School parent without approval of their Division Director or the Headmaster.
Duty to Report
If a staff member finds himself or herself in a difficult or confusing situation related to the aforementioned ”Unacceptable Behavior” then the staff member should seek advice from a supervisor or a school administrator. When any staff member becomes aware of another staff member crossing appropriate boundaries with a student, the staff member must report the matter to the supervisor, the Director of Finance and Operations, or the Headmaster. In some circumstances, staff member may also have the duty to report such conduct in accordance with the mandated reporter requirements.
We will continue to update these guidelines as circumstances, from time to time, may dictate in an effort to keep our staff and parents apprised of the School’s expectations.

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