Lower School Curriculum

The Lower School is made up of a class of 24 boys, a lead teacher, and an assistant teacher at each grade level for kindergarten through fourth grade. The Lower School's small size supports a strong sense of community, which is also reinforced through our chapel program, human development curriculum, and regular class meetings and community circles. We strongly believe in creating a safe learning environment that respects and honors differences and the individual needs of our students. Our curriculum is differentiated across all academic subject areas and current research informs our curricular choices.

The Lower School curriculum is made up of learn-by-doing; boy-friendly lessons and activities that make use of manipulatives; movement; and flexible small groups. Subject areas are integrated when possible to activate and maximize interest and to give context to the skills and content taught. Lower School teachers continue to refine the curriculum through ongoing and extensive professional development.

We are excited about the Lower School's focus on technology integration, project-based learning, environmental sustainability, and service learning. Many service learning projects and efforts - school-wide composting - enrich the boys’ experiences, serve and support the CSB and outside communities, and minimize our ecological footprint. Also, we have embraced project-based learning which asks students to apply skills and knowledge while problem-solving in the world around them.

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Located in San Francisco, CA, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in grades K-8. Our mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.