Admission Policy

Cathedral School seeks to enroll boys who will benefit from its values, purposes, and rigorous programs, and will contribute to its varied community life through their attitudes toward others, their sense of responsibility, and their active interest in learning. We seek boys of fine character exemplified by good will and high motivation.

The School evaluates all applicants to learn their aptitudes, competencies, and their readiness to work on par with their contemporaries at Cathedral School. In making admission decisions, Cathedral School gives special consideration to siblings of boys currently enrolled at the school. as well as legacy families. We also take into consideration underrepresented groups within the school population as we endeavor to increase the diversity of our applicant pool at all levels to develop a student body that represents the ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic diversity of San Francisco.
It is the earnest desire of the entire CSB community that no boy who is qualified for admission should be denied the opportunity of attendance solely because of inability to pay the full tuition fees. The Board of Trustees established the Adjustable Tuition program, which is funded to a large degree by the School's endowment to create a student body that is reflective of the socio-economic diversity of the community that CSB serves.
Interest in Adjustable Tuition has no influence on the consideration of an application to the School. The School’s Finance Committee supervises the Adjustable Tuition program, and the same standards and criteria apply to all candidates who apply for Adjustable Tuition.

Cathedral School for Boys

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Located in San Francisco, CA, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in grades K-8. Our mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.