School Life

Student Support Services at CSB

Cathedral School offers support services for all students and families to help boys with their academic and emotional growth. Both our Learning Specialists and Counselor work with boys individually, in small groups, and with entire classes, providing targeted support as boys navigate their school life and their world.

Ms. Jackie Munz is our All-School Learning Specialist and Ms. Courtney Graham is the Lower School Learning Support Coordinator. Click here for more information about services provided by the Learning Specialists.

The Lower School Learning Specialist at CSB supports boys with learning differences through individual and group work, while instilling confidence and a love of learning. He or she also works with teachers and communicates regularly with parents and other professionals including the school counselor and outside professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and neuropsychologists.

Mrs. Joanne Cohen is our School Counselor. Mrs. Cohen offers a variety of counseling-related services to students, parents, and faculty. Click here for information about services provided by the School Counselor.

Cathedral School for Boys

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Located in San Francisco, CA, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in grades K-8. Our mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.