Transforming the Campus in Three Phases

As part of the campaign, we are over half-way towards raising the $13.5 million needed to transform the campus for boys and teachers. The campus renovation is in three phases.

Phase 1 - 2017 Vision: The starting point was a visionary campus masterplan. This defined the School’s needs, for example, through workshops with teachers and students. We are grateful to the many Bay Area schools that opened their doors to our teachers, administrators, and Trustees, sharing their own renovation best practices as well as pitfalls. The masterplan also incorporated global research, for example, how Finland optimizes acoustics in their open-plan schools.
Phase 2 - Summer 2019 Science Suite: Cathedral renovated a modern science suite with two large labs connected by shared storage. The “blue lab” is for 7th and 8th grade. The “green lab” is for 5th and 6th grade. In addition to large whiteboards, the cabinetry is writeable. The labs have many things needed by the teachers such as large sinks, measuring bars on the floors, and ceiling power cords. Environmentally-friendly features include LED lighting and water-energy-efficient dishwashers.
Phase 3 - Summer 2020 Terrace Addition: Cathedral will build three floors of new space on an existing terrace. The Lower School (K-4) open-plan space will be easily accessible from homerooms to facilitate teaching in small groups. An open corridor will emphasize our enduring connection to Grace Cathedral. Upper School (fifth through eighth grades) will have a learning commons for small group work and independent study. The new roof will add much needed outside play space. All classrooms on the Lower and Upper School floors will be renovated to support teaching methods today and in the future. The design includes many new amenities for teachers and boys along with environmentally-friendly features.

Phase 3 - Summer 2020 Classroom Renovations: The classrooms in our main building have not been majorly renovated in over 50 years. Following the example of the Science Suite, Cathedral will transform its classrooms to better reflect modern learning and teaching styles, featuring modular furniture, environmentally-friendly building materials, better lighting, and more.

Despite the transformational scope of this final phase, the School will not have to relocate. During summer 2020, the outside shell for the new terrace addition will be created and existing classrooms renovated, ready for the start of school after Labor Day. By December 2020, the quieter work inside the open-plan space will be finished behind a sound-reducing temporary wall.

All efforts will be made to minimize disruption and noise for Grace Cathedral parishioners, our residential neighbors, and our boys. We appreciate the enthusiastic support of our entire community. To make a pledge, please click here. Questions? Contact the Cathedral School Development Director, Jim Schmidt at
For questions and to learn more about making a pledge, contact Jim Schmidt, Development Director, at
Renovation by the Numbers 

Total new and renovated square footage
18,200 sq.ft.

Percentage of existing school building that will be renovated

New Lower School (K-4) open-plan space
1,925 sq.ft.

New Upper School (5-8) learning commons
1,915 sq.ft.

New outside play space on the roof
1,710 sq.ft.

Modern science suite of 2 labs with shared storage
1,750 sq.ft.

Renovated classrooms for lower and upper school
7,200 sq.ft.

New and renovated bathrooms
1 for students, 1 for staff
New secure bike rack for teachers
5 racks

Size of green wall facing Sacramento Street
560 sq.ft.

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Located in San Francisco, CA, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in grades K-8. Our mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.