Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Cathedral School for Boys provides ongoing services to the school's 1,500 plus alumni, and serves as a vital link between the alumni community and current students, faculty, and staff. The Alumni Association is overseen by the Alumni Adivsory Council (AAC).

The AAC is made up of alumni who represent a broad range of years - from the founding of the school to the most recent graduating class. The council meets periodically to review current programs and to discuss the future strategy of the Alumni Association. AAC members are asked to reach out to their peers and classmates to help maintain CSB's connection with the overall alumni community.

The goals of the Alumni Association include:
  • Increase the number of alumni who remain connected with and active in the CSB community.
  • Ensure consistent communication and dialogue between CSB and its alumni.
  • Promote career development and personal networking opportunities for and between alumni.
  • Leverage the experiences and skills of the alumni community to enrich the educational and mentoring opportunities for current CSB students.
  • Identify and recognize successful alumni.
Alumni are invited and encouraged to participate in the life of the school. Opportunities include:
  • Coaching team sports.
  • Assisting with plays, musical performances, or other creative arts.
  • Reading to Lower School classes.
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge at assemblies or as a guest lecturer.
  • Sharing high school and/or college experiences with seventh and eighth grade students.
  • Speaking at the Alumni Career Day.
  • Visiting to see old friends and faculty.
  • Joining the online community and staying in touch through the CSB website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
The Alumni Association would like to hear from CSB alums. Please contact Matt Thier, Alumni Program Coordinator, at  or (415) 614-5106 for more information on how to volunteer and get involved.

Alumni Advisory Council

2018-2019 Alumni Advisory Council Members
David S. Boyd '62
William B. Denebeim '74
Marc C. Miller '74
William J. Bennington '79
Richard Mainzer '82
Wally MacDermid '83
Christopher Ralph '83
Carlton Linnenbach '87
Damian Crosby '88
Adrian J. Sawyer '88
Jeffrey Terraciano '90
Michael Hanna '94
David Denning '95
Ian Walker '96
Justin Smith '96
David Hopkins '98
Branden Henderson '98
Adam Suleman '99
Peter Squeri '99
Loran M. Simon '99
Piero Spadaro '99
Matt Thier '00
Sam Casciato '04
Alan Mozaffari '09
Christopher Dowd '09
Christian Bolles '10
Jackson Smith '11
Karan Desai '11
Tut Gregory '12
Milan Toliver '12
CJ Dowd '13
Jack Birmingham '14
Colin Payne '14
Nate Pola '15
Kian Soheili '15
Zachary Mathews '16
Gavin Pola '16
Hayden Whitcomb '16
Anson Walker '17
Callahan Mainzer '18
Darnell Adler '18
Brayden Mathews '18
Kenson Morris '18

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