School Counseling

Cathedral recognizes that mental health and social-emotional tools are essential parts of learning. We offer family and child support to our community, as well as make referrals to outside services.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support has always been an essential part of the culture at Cathedral. We strive to give our students the skills to be aware of their own emotional states and the strength to seek out and access emotional and mental support without stigma or shame. Mental health counseling is available for boys at every grade level as well as for parents. Our school counselor does one-on-one counseling for both urgent and ongoing situations as well as small and large themed groups. The school counselor is also available to refer students to outside providers when families are looking for ongoing services for their son.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Far from being a recent adoption at Cathedral School for Boys, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been embedded throughout our program and curriculum since the School’s founding in 1957. In every grade beginning in Kindergarten, lessons on self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship building are embedded into every aspect of our curriculum and every part of our students’ day. More explicit SEL work takes place at the beginning and end of every day (morning meeting and closing circle in the Lower School, and in advisory groups in the Upper School). Cathedral students graduate as self-aware, compassionate, empathetic, and community-focused citizens ready to make a lasting impact on their world.

Learning Specialists

Learning specialists at Cathedral work with teachers, parents, administration, and students to help address learning challenges faced by students. For boys who either have a diagnosed or suspected learning difference, the learning specialists will help guide parents and students to appropriate support services both inside and outside of the school, as well as monitor these students in the classroom on a regular basis.

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  • Lower School Learning Specialist

    Because early intervention is critical, the Lower School Learning Specialist focuses primarily on students in kindergarten through second grade, working in partnership with classroom teachers to identify those students with possible learning differences and provide targeted support. The Lower School Learning Specialist also supports third and fourth-grade students through small group work to ensure that students are ready for the continued academic challenges that await them in Upper School. By providing academic support to students during the school day, our Learning Specialist acts as a liaison between parents, outside support providers, and classroom teachers to monitor student progress and position them to thrive.
  • Upper School Learning Specialist

    The Upper School Learning Specialist supports students as they develop and grow as learners, with specific emphasis on students with identified learning differences. Whether working one-on-one or in small groups, the learning specialist helps students with learning differences acknowledge and work within their own unique learning profile to successfully meet the School’s learning targets. Additionally, through a dedicated Study Skills class for our 5th and 6th grades, boys gain the skills and strategies necessary to acquire information, develop an understanding of the material presented in their classes, and develop a repertoire of study approaches that work for them. Cathedral students graduate with a “tool kit” that can be used and applied in high school and beyond that enables them to achieve their academic goals, no matter the challenges they may face.
Elisabeth Schriber, AMFT
School Counselor

Karen Young
Kindergarten – Grade 2 Learning Specialist
Jonathan Talbot
Grade 3–5 Learning Specialist
Jackie Munz
Upper School Learning Specialist


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