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The ultimate responsibility for the governance of Cathedral School for Boys resides with the Board of Trustees, who bring a diversity of talent and broad practical and professional experience in order to assure the School's present stability, its development, and its perpetuation. The Trustees are responsible for formulating policy and for establishing and maintaining the sound financial condition of the School. The Board appoints the Headmaster, who as chief executive officer directs all day-to-day activities and operations necessary for the accomplishments of the School's program, the appointment of faculty and staff members, maintenance of educational and behavioral standards, and administration of the operating budget.

Cathedral School is a financially independent department of Grace Cathedral Corporation. The Cathedral Board provides two Trustees, approves new Trustees, approves changes in the by-laws, but does not initiate policy. The Bishop approves the appointment of the Headmaster and nominates him or her as a senior staff member of the Cathedral with the title of Canon Headmaster. The Dean is an ex-officio member of the Board and of all Board committees. The Cathedral, School, and Diocese share facilities on the Close and contribute to their upkeep on an equitable basis.

List of 15 members.

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    Michele Bell 

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Cathedral School for Boys

Located in San Francisco, CA, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in grades K-8. Our Mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.
1275 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94108   •   Phone: 415.771.6600   •   Fax: 415.771.2547