Heads Up Blog: Making the Most of the Time We Have Together

Last Tuesday marked our final Upper School Eucharist of the year, and my message to the boys concerned the period of finality and conclusion that marks this time of year in schools. 
Invariably, this season brings to mind the story that a friend tells of the last time he held his son’s hand. 
As the story goes, Dave and his son, who was probably in sixth or seventh grade at the time, were walking back to their car after attending a college football game. Most of the fans had already departed and it was just the two of them crossing the empty parking lot together. His son, as Dave recalls, was well beyond the age of handholding, having already slipped into that period of adolescent purgatory when a parent’s mere presence triggers mortifying embarrassment. Yet, in ways both glorious and unexpected, his son reached over and held his father’s hand as they walked to the car.  
Dave is quick to recall that, somehow in that moment, he knew that this was the last time that this would ever happen. This realization made the moment that much more poignant and that much more powerful.  
This story serves to remind me to both relish and cherish this final stretch of the year and all that it has to offer. Make the most of these final weeks and one another. And, if allowed, grab your son’s hand and hang on like it is the last time it will ever happen. --Headmaster Jones


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