Our First Day

Letter to the community from the Headmaster--Our First Day
Dear Cathedral School Community:
Another school year began in grand fashion as our community assembled in Grace Cathedral this morning. It was wonderful to see so many parents and friends in attendance. In the moment, it dawned on me that while many schools might expect parents to leave their children at the front door on opening day, we continue to make the conscious decision to assemble. There is true power in beginning the year together, as one school community.
In my opening remarks, I reflected upon my annual letter to the incoming eighth-grade students and the particular role that they play in demonstrating and perpetuating the values of Cathedral School. In my estimation, our institutional values are represented through three attributes:
  1. As members of this institution, we are responsible for perpetuating its values through our relationships with one another, and especially when in relationship with others who might hold different opinions or beliefs.
  2. The values of the institution endure even though the community changes with each school year.
  3. It is a responsibility of us all to embody and to share Cathedral’s values with others outside of the school.
I offered these observations both this morning and now with the hope, and dare I say the expectation, that we all will take them to heart and honor them through our relationships with others during this school year.
It warmed my heart to see your sons arrive this morning, and I have such great expectations for all we will accomplish together.
All the best,
Burns Jones
To listen to Headmaster Jones' Opening Day remarks, please click HERE.

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