Upper School Intersession Wrap-Up

Intersession fell directly after winter break, and again proved to be a highlight of the year for Upper School students and teachers. 
The week included twelve local courses and two overnight trips. In each course, students engaged in meaningful, experiential learning. They acquired knowledge and skills through practical application, reflection, and experimentation. In most courses, they were self-evaluators, determining for themselves what success looks like. They were presented with challenges that they needed to solve through teamwork and critical thinking, and they were given opportunities to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Intersession courses differ dramatically from our usual program, and both students and teachers enjoy these unique opportunities. To focus on a single topic for a week is a luxury, and to “live” the learning, by being off campus interacting with the larger world, allowed many students to shine in ways not seen in our regular day-to-day schedule. The students may think of Intersession in terms of field trips, a lack of homework, and free dress, but this freedom from routine also influences their approach to learning. We see students take risks, employ creative thinking, develop new relationships, and build resilience. A student who struggles in school, but then learns to use a blowtorch adeptly or ride a unicycle, is reminded of his intellectual capabilities.
Our teachers deserve a great deal of credit for the creativity, organization, and enthusiasm they bring to this week. As you review the enclosed photos, I hope you gain an appreciation for their efforts, and for the wonderful opportunity Intersession represents for all who participate.

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