Community Scholars Program at Cathedral School for Boys
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In keeping with Cathedral School’s Mission, Philosophy, and history, we believe that all students benefit from an education within a diverse community. To this end, we strive to attract underrepresented students to our School by significantly reducing the barriers that ordinarily keep them from receiving an extraordinary independent school education.
As the Bay Area becomes increasingly expensive—and as demographics change as a result—the educational imperative of socio-economic diversity is becoming difficult for Bay Area independent schools to achieve. The risk is that if we do not act now the diversity that we are known for will decline and undermine the overall educational efficacy of our School.
The Community Scholars Program represents just one way in which Cathedral School strives to attract talented boys from underrepresented communities within the reachable geographical area. This Program is designed to place socio-economically diverse students of “high academic potential” in 5th or 6th grade. The unique feature of this Program is that it acknowledges and accounts for many of the hurdles, like transportation, that these students face and that programs often overlook.
We see this as an opportunity to alter the lives of young men who, but for a program like this, might never receive an independent school education. We also recognize that all of our students will benefit from their presence at Cathedral School.
The Community Scholars Program would provide:
  • Full tuition for a student during his middle school years;
  • Funding for associated school expenses like school uniforms, supplies, and athletic equipment (managed by Director of Community & Student Life);
  • Technology support such as wi-fi access at home;
  • Transportation support to and from school;
  • A week-long summer program designed to help the recipient and his family prepare for the academic, social, and cultural realities of Cathedral School;
  • A mentor, who will be responsible, in part, for supporting the recipient and his family during his time at Cathedral School.
Eligible applicants should be:
  • Enrolled in grades 4 or 5 during the year of application;
  • Consistently perform above grade level in all subjects, averaging B+ or higher, and demonstrating scores in the top 25% of standardized testing either administered by their current school or Cathedral School during the admission process*;
  • Receive strong teacher recommendations from two current teachers (with a preference for math and English teachers);
  • Perform well during a campus interview;
  • Demonstrate good character, the capacity for leadership, and a willingness to be a positive contributor to school life;
  • Show a desire to participate in extracurricular activities;
  • Maintain a household income of $100,000* or below. 
The program would be managed by the Associate Director of Admission and overseen by an advisory committee that meets quarterly to monitor and assess the Program and help assure that the needs of the recipient and his family are being met.

Please check back in the spring of 2019 for more information on how to apply.

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