Support Timmy Stabler '13 and His Efforts at Nambale Magnet School

Timmy Stabler '13 has spent the past six weeks at the Nambale Magnet School in Western Kenya getting to see firsthand how driven its students are and how much they value their access to education. 
The students wake up at 5 a.m. and attend class until 8 p.m. They are hungry for new information of all kinds, eagerly attending our after-school lessons, and constantly peppering us with questions about America. The students are fascinated by technology, and through the little access they have, already show huge potential. More fluency in technology at this young age would put them on the right track for their high ambitions, preparing them for high school and college, and especially life beyond school.

Over the next month, Timmy hopes to raise $7,000 to go towards purchasing Kio Kits (Kio Kit: a touch-screen device with a plethora of downloaded educational resources, ranging from Khan Academy to Wikipedia, that has the potential to reshape how classes are taught and to expose the students to worlds of new information that would otherwise not reach rural Western Kenya.).

To donate and to learn more click HEREThe money will benefit the Nambale Magnet School through Cornerstone Project, Inc ( ). 

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