RSVP Today: Truth about Tech with Common Sense Media March 16

We're overloaded with virtual notifications, autoplay, chat bots, and other tactics designed to keep us all glued to our devices. It's called digital manipulation. And it is impacting the digital health and well-being of our kids.
Join Common Sense Media as they discuss the health effects of digital distraction, the techniques some companies use to capture young users' attention, and what parents and educators can do to help kids practice healthy media habits.
Additionally, there will be recording of brief footage for the French TV channel Canal +, as they are preparing a segment on Common Sense Media and its founder.  The filming would focus on the presenter and a portion of the talk.  Parents may opt out of being photographed or sign a release if they do not mind being included in the filming.  
Event Details...
Where: Cathedral School for Boys Library
What: Truth about Tech with Dana Blum, Common Sense Media 

When: March 16, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Please RSVP to this free event.

Questions? Please contact Alli Decker.

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