Common Sense Media Tip of the Week: Positive Female Role Models

From a very young age, girls start to get messages about how to be in the world. And whether they're from media, adults, or other kids, those messages are sometimes limiting and even harmful. No matter your take on traditional gender roles, most parents want their little girls to grow up feeling empowered and capable of achieving their dreams.
As parents, we can definitely help cultivate the messages we want our daughters to hear and counteract the ones we don't. Of course, what we say matters, but media does, too. Even when they're at a young age, for little girls in a princess phase, we can encourage stories that go beyond frilly frocks and finding Prince Charming. And as we watch and read with them, we can choose media that emphasizes intelligence over appearance and talk about what messages might be hiding in the marketing. Holding up positive role models is also a good strategy, and plenty of books help girls find excellent women to emulate. Since what we can see, we can be, we want to help our kids focus their eyes in the right direction.

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