• Cathedral School for Boys Turns 60!

60th Anniversary & the David Forbes Endowed Teaching Chair

Cathedral School for Boys hosted a grand celebration for its 60th Anniversary on April 27-28, 2018.

Crypt Classic Alumni vs. Faculty Game

Included in the festivities was our traditional Alumni vs. Faculty basketball game, also known as The Crypt Classic, which was played on Friday, April 27th. The Alumni Hawks were victorious with a final score of 74 to 55. Game MVPs were Joseph Weinstein ’16 and Peter Mundy.

View Amazing Photos of the Game (taken by Sasha Soheili)


60th Anniversary Celebration & Reception

On April 28th, alumni, faculty, parents and friends gathered at Grace Cathedral for an anniversary service celebrating the School's 60th milestone. Alumni choristers joined current choristers in the Choir House to practice the school hymn which they performed together during the program which began with a procession through the Ghiberti Doors of over 170 alumni from the classes of 1960 to 2017.

View Photos of the Choir Practice with Alumni Choristers

View Photos of the Alumni Gathering & Procession


Current and former Deans, Bishops, and Headmasters
shared their memories and hopes for the School’s future. 

View the Printed Program from the Anniversary Service

Listen to Recorded Audio from All Speakers at the Event

View a Presentation featuring the School's History and Evolution from 1957 to Present Day
(Thank you, Valerie Jew, for creating this meaningful time capsule for the School!)


Current Head of School, Burns Jones, concluded the celebration by announcing this exciting initiative, which reached its goal of $1,000,000. Conceived by alumni Bill Bennington ’79 and Greg Lee ’78, Cathedral’s first teaching chair honors our founding Headmaster whose unwavering commitment to Episcopal education and Cathedral School has persisted for six decades. Read more about this significant effort here. Our gratitude goes out to all alumni and families that made contributions to this fund.

Forbes Endowed Teaching Chair Donors

Donors as of June 28, 2018
Anonymous (2)
The Atkinson Family
Mark Mead Baillie '67
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Baldocchi '70
Andrew J. Balzer '16
Joan and John Barkan
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Bennington
CDR Jeffrey G. Bennington '80
William J. Bennington '79
John Beshears '96
Christian Bolles '10
Gary Bolles and Heidi Kleinmaus
David Boyd '62
Ed Brakeman '78
Frederick Burke '73
David Castle '95
Bruce E. Chan '70
David T. Chen '79
Ms. Carolyn J.B. Chris
Dr. and Mrs. Owen L. Daniels '62
Chris Dann '13
Alli Decker
Mrs. Joan Dedo
Edward C.Denebeim '79
David Denning '95
Karan Desai '11
Niraj Desai '15
Sejal and Sachin Desai
Leslie and Charlie Dicke
George Dicke '13
CJ Dowd '13
Dawn Decker and Chris Dowd
Richard Dulaney '74
Christina and Jad Dunning, Jr. '82
Mason Dunning '15
Jack Dunning '17
Max Falk-Johnson '15
Jordy Fee-Platt '14
Scott Ferguson and Kate Hanson
Fidelity Charitable
Alexander Friedman '13
Elise and Tully Friedman
Marjorie and Cary Fulbright
Alex Fulbright '04
Chip Fulbright '08
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Launce L. Gamble '79
GE Foundation
Karen and Michael Gemmill
Susie and Alan Gregory '70
Hector Gregory '10
Alexander Gregory '12
Robert W. Gregory '76
Emily and Mark Griffin '87
John Hagopian
Christopher Hale '68
The Hammarskjold Family
Ryan Hammarskjold '10
Lt. James Heffelfinger '02
Susan and Dana Hemberger '60
Mr. and Mrs. Houston Hill III '63
Don T. Hirose '70
David Hopkins '98
Greer and Thayer Hopkins, Jr.
Jonathan Jew '71
Mr. and Mrs. J. Beverly Jones '63
JP Morgan
Philip H.Kelley '78
The Keon-Vitale Family
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Kim '86
Dr. Lin Fraser and Ron King
James King '00 and Becca Gularte
John Kirkwood '60
Spencer Kirkwood '07
Elizabeth Kreher and Penelope Chronis
Michael Kreher '08
Kate and Jonathan Kropf '95
Frank T. Kyte '63
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lee
Dana and Gregory Lee '78
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian E. Lee '88
Alston L. Lew '94
Asheley and Carlton Linnenbach '87
Charles Lowrey '71 and Susan Rodriguez
John MacGregor IV '02
William Maeck '81
Craig Martin and Karen Scarr
Nicholas Martin '15
Zachary Mathews '16
Brayden Mathews '18
Linda and Pete Mathews
Dr. and Mrs.William McGann
Andrew McGann '00
Joseph Millard '61
Kathy and Marc Miller '74
Lucas Miller '14
Alan Farsio Mozaffari '09
Ali Mozaffari and Setareh Farsio
Anne and Standish O'Grady
Standish O'Grady '07
Leland Orser '74
Yash Patel '17
Colin Payne '14
Zinia and Rene Picazo
Nancy Fee and Peter Platt '75
Minna and Ned Pinger
Tom Robertson and Jody Jahn
Will Robertson '00
The Rockwood Wetherell Family
Isobel and John Russell
William T. Russell '17
John-Austin Saviano '88
Adrian Sawyer '88
James Schmidt & Stuart Riddle
The Sheppard Family
James Sherman '70
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Sherman III '70
Benedict Singer '98
Mr. David Singer and Rev. Sue Singer
Andrew Skewes-Cox '98
Peter Skewes-Cox '94
William Skewes-Cox '04
Colleen and Peter Skewes-Cox
Emily and Justin Smith '96
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Smith '60
Sasha and Ramin Soheili
Kian Soheili '15
Dara Soheili '18
Martha and Peter Stabler
Timothy Stabler '13
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Stone '71
Thomas Su '13
George Sutton '15
Victoria and James Sutton
Ryan Tabibian '17
Matthew L. Thier '00
Elizabeth and David Thier
Joseph Thoron '83
Susan Tom
Spencer Trice '01
William Vitale '03
UBS Foundation USA
The Vogel Denebeim Family
Mr. and Mr. Henry W. Wagner III '70
Caitlin Selle and Alexander M. Walker '62
Mr. and Mrs. William Webb '77

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