Cathedral School for Boys has intentionally remained a small school. With the intimacy of a small school of 264 boys, we are able to know each boy well. This is particularly important in the Lower School in which we have just one class per grade of twenty-four students, led by two Co-Lead teachers. The two teachers allow for the class to frequently split into varying activities or alternative ways to approach a singular activity. The single class allows each boy to get to know his classmates and for friendships to grow, uninterrupted, over the boys’ years at Cathedral.

In the Upper School, when boys continue to need adult attention and care just as much as when they were younger, we maintain this sense of intimacy. We add twelve boys, increasing the class size to thirty-six, dividing into two classes of eighteen. Cathedral teachers are known for their relational teaching: they approach each boy individually, learning his strengths and opportunities for growth. We shake hands with the boys as they enter the building each morning as a reminder that relationships remain at the core of our approach. In the midst of a large city, our small size fosters a deep sense of community that extends to the entire family and enables deep learning.

Cathedral School for Boys

Located in San Francisco, California, Cathedral School for Boys is an independent elementary school for boys in Kindergarten – Grade 8. Our mission is to provide an excellent education through intellectual inquiry and rigor that is centered in the Episcopal tradition and is respectful of and welcoming to people of all religious traditions and beliefs.