Read weekly updates from CSB's Sustainability Committee at the Green Corner.

CSB is committed to sustainability and becoming a greener school. We are continually focusing on sustainability from many different angles with the hopes of reducing our own carbon footprint and growing students and community members who will actively lead sustainable lives today and into the future.

Some of the different ways we are addressing sustainability include:
  • Creating a school-wide composting program
  • No-waste lunch program using local and organic meats and produce
  • Switching to green cleaning products and green cleaning methods
  • The use of compostable paper goods for school and community events
  • Reusable plates and cups at Lower School parties
  • The use of recycled content paper and other products throughout the school
  • The formation of an Upper School environmental club and a community Sustainability Team for grassroots work within the community
  • Sponsoring a Spring Transportation Week around Earth Day to promote the use of public transportation, carpooling, walking and biking
  • A program section on sustainability in our next five-year strategic plan being written this year
  • Picking one or two sustainability positions on the Parents’ Association
  • Bringing lessons on sustainability into our current program through all academic areas. Examples include service learning projects on trash; recycling tennis shoes into a playground; education through the school bulletin and other forms of media; gala auction items made in art class with reused materials; a math unit on fair trade; expanding our outdoor education opportunities.
As we think about sustainability and create sustainable action plans at CSB, we look to grow the explicit curriculum so that our lessons, units and curricular goals address sustainability and develop sustainable people. We also believe that it is important to focus on the implicit curriculum – the actions and practices of the school that teach our students indirectly about sustainability. These include whether we recycle and compost, purchase sustainable products, build with sustainable materials, etc. There cannot be a gap between what we teach as sustainable practice and how we conduct ourselves as an institution. We are consistently making sustainable changes in both our explicit and our implicit curriculum and look forward to continuing with this pattern as we 'unpack' the sustainability section of our five-year strategic plan starting next year.

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